Road Safety Week 19-25 November

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This week is "Road Safety Week" a project run by "Brake", a Road Safety Charity.  The 2012 theme is:  Slower speeds = happy people.  Whether you are a driver, cyclist or pedestrian it is EVERYONE'S responsibility to LOOK OUT for each other.  Approaching schools and shops check your speed.  "Road Safety Week" Website.

Drivers - With the dark evenings and adverse conditions, extra care must be taken to;

Check lights are working and clean for every journey

Wiper blades, check for good condition

Tyre treads, check tread depth and general condition


Cyclists -  Do you wear full reflective clothing?  Are the lights on your bike working properly?  Sadly I'm still seeing cyclists on the road after dark wearing very little, if any, reflective clothing and poor lights.  BE SEEN BE SAFE.  Remember pedestrians and drivers CAN'T HEAR you coming so you must be VERY VISIBLE.  Click here for Highway Code - Rules for Cyclists 59-82.

Pedestrians - Do you walk home after dark?  Do you wear light coloured clothing and / or a reflective tabard?  BE SEEN BE SAFE.  Is there a pedestrian crossing you use which is poorly lit?  If so, report it to your local council.  Remember drivers and cyclists CAN'T HEAR you coming so you must be VERY VISIBLE.

Parents - Does your son / daughter walk home after dark?  Wearing a reflective bib / tabard would make a big difference.  They could even set a trend among their friends at school.  Speak to the school Head to see what extra road safety measures have been put in place for this winter.  One evening why not have a family quiz game on Highway Code Pedestrian Rules.  Click here for Highway Code - Rules for Pedestrians 1-35.

Remember BE SEEN, BE SAFE this winter and check your speed near schools and shops.


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