Motorway Lessons



motorway driving


Motorway driving can be one of the most daunting prospects for any new driver.  To compound this issue, under current legislation, provisional licence holders are not allowed to drive on motorway classified roads.  For the first time that a new driver experiences motorway driving, it will be quite likely that the driver will be completely on their own in the car. 

Motorways have multiple lanes, national speed limits, different coloured signage, gantries displaying all sorts of information, possibly road works and very often a spiral roundabout to deal with when exiting at a junction.  Even with theoretical knowledge, the actual first time experience can be overwhelming.  I know this because I was a new driver once too (many moons ago).

I provide motorway lessons so you are not alone when dealing with these roads for the first time.  With a mix of theory, practical driving and even a demonstration drive first if you prefer, I can help you to build the confidence you need so that driving these roads becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Due to the time it can take to travel to a motorway, allow adequate training time and return to your drop off point, motorway lessons are 2 hour or 3 hour duration only.  If you have never dealt with a spiral roundabout before, then this may need to be covered as a separate lesson first.