The Driving Test



driving test certificate picture 


Understanding what is involved in your practical driving test is key to the preparation.  As you reach closer to test standard, I will carry out mock tests to give you a real feel of test conditions and how the driving test is marked.  The results of your mock tests will then be analyzed to see where further improvement is needed. 

What happens during your practical test

  • Licence Check
  • Eyesight Check
  • Two "Show Me, Tell Me" Questions
  • The Road Drive (around 40 mins) to include one manoeuvre and 20 mins of "Independent Driving" using a sat nav.  You may also have to demonstrate an emergency stop.

Remember the test does not end until you are parked up back at the test centre and the engine is switched off.  The examiner will give you your results and offer a debrief at the end.

You are allowed up to 15 minor driving faults to pass your practical test.  One or more serious / dangerous faults will result in a fail.